The Frost-Giants Daughter

This is where it begins. The intent is to demonstrate that one can take a Conan story from the hands of Robert E. Howard, and with very minor adjustments, make it into a very entertaining film.

We’ve chosen the ideal Robert E. Howard/Conan tale that is the most suitable for our capabilities.

After a long period of trial and error!

We live in Northern California, and in the winter, our nearby Sierra Nevada range is well-cloaked in suitably barbaric snow. It’s got very rugged scenery, including Yosemite National Park and the legendary Donner Pass.

I may be able to recruit some Viking-Age reenactors, but at any rate, I have plenty of spare costumes for our actors.

Eddie Keen is well-versed in the arts of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) for film.

This project is attracting some very interesting talent, particularly actors. This is not going to be a cheap, tawdry production. We’re going to make Bob Howard’s shade mighty proud.

Stay tuned Hyborians!


4 Responses to “The Frost-Giants Daughter”

  1. studioguignol Says:

    We have finally settled on actors to play the rôles of Heimdul, Atali, and Conan. All are very skilled and talented, and look great for their parts. They’re also very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the story!

    How did I get so lucky?

  2. studioguignol Says:

    Finished filming! What a glorious feeling. It’s in the can!

  3. Nathan Kornelis Says:

    What is the status of this film? Can it be seen somewhere?

  4. xynoplas Says:

    Yes, just go to Vimeo:‎

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